A Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Leftarded Climate Crazy

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Does Joe look confused?  Yes?  That’s because he is.  Check out this idiocy.

Let me first say, the display some Americans put on after Thanksgiving is deplorable.  But, Romm confuses daily consumption and standard of living with materialism. 

Black Friday has become an orgiastic celebration of hyper-materialism.

Black Friday is a sort of reverse “Hunger Games,” an annual ritualized competition, but one built around overabundance, rather than scarcity. It is perhaps the inevitable outcome of a country whose citizens are commonly referred to as “consumers.”

So what better time to think about how the global economic system is a Ponzi scheme, — to prop up our carbon-intensive lifestyles.

Wait!!!  Did you read the emboldened part?  Did you read the link?  The lunatics are saying they’re concerned for our future generations, and that we’re taking the wealth of the future and spending it now.  Hmm…..  and Romm ties that to…

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