How Bad Is It For Leftards? This Is The Daily Beast’s Lead

suyts space


Well, that’s just sad, they don’t have anything else to write about? 

And how illogical is this?  And, besides, thanks to the leftards and their fascination with one shooting death in America, we already know “crackers” is a compliment.  So, it’s probably white people’s lack of political clout that prevents the Tennessee team from being able to be called the “Crackers”.  And, yes, that would be a ferocious sounding name for a football team. 

For the leftards, I have a question.  What does it mean, if one was a native American, to be called an “apple” by another native American?  Let me help.  It’s much akin to a term once used to deride black Americans, an “Oreo”.  It’s stating that the person is red on the outside, but, white on the inside.  For some reason, that’s derogatory.  Not, the outside part, mind you, but, rather the inside part.  ………

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