Global Sea Ice Anomaly ….. A Different View

suyts space

Often, I show graphs of the global sea ice anomaly which often look something like this.


There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just that graphs, depending upon the way you present them, only tell the story it can.  That’s the fun thing about graphs, and the horrible thing about graphs. 

Now, when one looks at the graph above, one hardly needs a trend line to know that the general trend would be decreasing in this time frame.  This is what this sort of graph is good for.  One of the things it isn’t particularity useful for is to show what’s going on this year.  One wouldn’t know it, but, really, something nearly astounding is going on.  This year is only represented by the far right of the graph.  There’s little detail to glean from it.  But, a keen eye would notice the duration near the zero mark.  The fact is…

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