Whoop!!! Mikey Mann At It Again!!! Quoting Nonsense!!

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Good heavens!  The Mann simply can’t learn, or can he?  From HuffPo, written by Mikey ….

It’s all about a paleo study of the Pacific and Antarctic. 

Just how rapid is the current rate of warming of the ocean? There is an interesting new article by Rosenthal and collaborators in the latest issue of the journal Science entitled “Pacific Ocean Heat Content During the Past 10,000 Years” that attempts to address this question. The article compares with long-term paleoclimatic evidence . So how rapid is the ocean warming? Well, for the Pacific ocean at least, .

It’s hysterical how the lunatics set themselves up, over and over again.  Let’s see……  making like comparisons?  Nope, that’s not what they’re doing.  Rate?  Over what time span?  Oh, wait, you have to make like comparisons to know that.  Can we?  Absolutely not.  Of course, the first question which pops in my head is…

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