Shock News!!! Faux Scientist Leftist Ideologues Tend To Agree With Each Other!!!

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This is like saying Pol Pot and Mao agreed on many things. 

Climate experts agree with each other more than they think, according to the results of Vision Prize’s most recently completed poll. (Disclosure: environmentalresearchweb hasentered a collaboration with Vision Prize). The most common views tended to be even more common than the respondents, who were asked to predict their colleagues’s answers as well as giving their own, expected.


LOL!!!  There’s no scientific basis for expecting a meter raise in sea level within the century.  Even if they believe the bizarre lunacy of the satellite data there isn’t any. 

Here’s Jason I which covers most of this century, thus far.  Assume the rate expressed for this century so far ….. 2.5mm/yr


The increase in sea level would have to look something like this ….


Finishing with about 40mm/yr.  Given that the forerunner of Jason I, Topex/Position reported a 3.15mm/yr…

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