NBC/WSJ Poll —- 42% Of The People Of This Nation Place Party Over Country

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In general, do you approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president?

Approve …………….. 42
Disapprove ………… 51

Read the whole poll here. (pdf)

What, exactly, has he done to be in approval of?  Arguably, his biggest accomplishment was to get the ACA passed as law …. 4 years ago.  It’s been a disaster, so far.  No one can be happy with the way this has rolled out, even the most ardent leftard, especially leftards.  We’ve added a mountain of debt, in spite of the punditry, no one can say we’re in a good or even decent economic position.  Our foreign policy is in shambles.  Every time an issue or scandal comes up, Zero is quick to say he didn’t know about it.  What, exactly, has he done to lead people to approve of the job he’s done?  

h/t Townhall

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