LOL!!!! Another Thing Skeptics Were Right About!!! Climate Alarmism Tied To Mental Illness!!!

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This is from a German leftarded periodical, so bear with the nonsense and the translation problems.

Horror scenarios promote depression

The psychological dimension of climate change and peak oil: Only those who are prepared specifically to disasters is being protected from psychological suffering. …..

There is a problem about that climate change is barely noticeable, so that man a “psychological distance” feels. To overcome this distance, apocalyptic versions however are not very helpful. .

…. And Florian Kaiser, environmental psychologist at the University of Magdeburg, says: “With the threat scenarios we probably reached no rethinking.”

However, those who still close look at the possible consequences of climate change and peak oil, which .

But when horror stories do not shake, then how can be taught an environmentally conscious behavior? “ says Kaiser. Therefore, the policy attempts to date by means of environmental economic instruments to control the behavior. About by…

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