Of Course She Wouldn’t ….. The Exchanges Are For Little People!!!

suyts space

A couple of videos worth watching.

Most readers would know, outside of music videos, I don’t like putting videos up as a post.  There’s a couple of good reasons for this.  One, I don’t like to appear to be obliging people’s time.  Further, this is an international blog, and I can’t always judge what is or isn’t available to people outside the US.  And, lastly, if they’re like me, they’ve got about 10-15 pages open and running a couple of videos seems to strain the system. 

That said, there are times when I think it is worthwhile.  This is one of them.  A few of our representatives in congress have decided to forego their coverage offered by the US government and go it like millions of Americans have to do.  This is to their credit.  The congress and their aides today, now have exchange coverage, except it is entirely subsidized…

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