And Now A Word From You Intellectual Betters On Our Climate

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Sometimes I read stuff and I just can’t figure out where these people have been. 

Snow dominates Arctic ecosystems, covering the land surface for most of the year and influencing both the timing and magnitude of net ecosystem carbon dioxide exchange (NEE) between the land surface and the atmosphere. Uncertainties in estimates of Arctic NEE are most substantial during the long snow season, which complicates efforts by researchers to quantify the Arctic carbon cycle and monitor its responses to climate change.

You don’t say ….. hmmm …..   Fortunately, they give us pictures so we can follow along.


The central focus of our paper, published in Environmental Research Letters (ERL), was to

These investigations were informed primarily by observations of meteorology, NEE, and fractional snow cover area (SCA) collected within four locations at a low Arctic site (Daring Lake, NT, Canada) in May and June 2010. NEE was measured…

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