Norquist Shows True Colors — Not About Taxes It’s About Power

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This is something I’ve been watching for a while.  And, it’s something which demonstrates the struggle real conservatives are having with establishment Repubs. 

Norquist is the head of Americans for Tax Reform(ATR).  You’d think this would be a natural fit with Tea party types.  Both advocate lower taxes.  Or, at least, the ATR used to. 

“I have never had a criticism of Ted Cruz’s strategy because I’ve never been able to find it,” Norquist said Monday night on Sirius XM’s Standup with Pete Dominick, according to a report in The Daily Beast. Dominick is a reliably progressive radio host who hosts his show on the liberal POTUS network on Sirius XM. The Daily Beast is similarly liberal, having dropped notions of objectivity when Tina Brown killed the Newsweek arm of the publication.

Norquist’s staffers have engaged in a deliberative Twitter campaign against Cruz and the Tea Party movement. Ryan…

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