Lunatics Mistake Seasonal Changes For Climate Change

suyts space

We see it all the time.  Lunatics point to one little cherry picked piece of data and pretend that’s proof of what they conceive as climate change. 

But, the fact remains that things have always changed and they continue to do so.  Only a couple of years ago, few images were more iconic than this graph as proof of “climate change”.


Well, aside from the obvious conflating of different data sets (we tracked our snow extent in an entirely different manner in 1967 than we do today), it also fails to show the entire picture.  I have, in the past, demonstrated this in several different ways.  Today I’ll do the same. 

Is spring losing snow extent?  Yeh, well, it was.  Here’s April over the last 30 years.


But, does that mean the northern hemisphere is losing snow extent?  Does it mean we’re losing albedo?  Not necessarily.  In fact, only an…

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