Left Coast Declares US Declaration of Independence "Symbolic"

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You know, a person could develop real animus towards leftards on the left coast.  Sure, it’s fun to laugh at them, but, sometimes, you really wonder if we wouldn’t be better off if we just let them go and form their own union. 

The other day, the state of Washington, leaders from British Columbia, Oregon and California agreed to limit CO2 emissions in order to fight the imaginary human caused climate change. 

It’s funny because it isn’t binding.  It’s like a bunch of pinheads got together and agreed to try to make the weather nicer, or something.  That part is funny, and it’s also funny that they mentioned failed ideas that they promised to pursue. 

Elizabeth Quigley is with Seattle based Climate Solutions. “I’m very excited. This is a really great day for the West Coast, for the nation,” said Quigley. “This is an incredibly important step forward.”

The four…

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