Are The Numbers Important, Right Now? No.

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So, today, we see this at Fox and similar things in other news outlets….


MARILYN TAVENNER, HEAD of the agency responsible for overseeing, apologized for the website’s glitches during a hearing on the implementation of ObamaCare — but repeatedly refused to disclose ObamaCare enrollment numbers, though she did not deny officials have the information.

Note it, and move on.  With the web site having all of the problems that it does, no one expects the numbers to reflect reality.  Don’t make the same mistakes the left makes.  Zerocare will be the gift that gives over and over again.  Let them wait for mid-November.  In fact, let them wait for the rest of the year. 

The point is, don’t hammer them, or make it a focus on this until the time is proper.  Come Jan 1, and we see even less than 5 million signed up, then that’s a huge…

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