Statists Giving Up On Zero? Benghazi By 60 Minutes?

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I don’t remember the last time 60 minutes actually tried to do some honest investigative reporting, but, apparently, they gave it a whirl tonight and for the most part did pretty good.  Of course, it wasn’t hard for them.  Blogs such as this one and thousands more did all the leg work for them.  It isn’t like the story hasn’t just been sitting there for over a year, it has. 

But, I’m shocked that this came from 60 minutes.  And, they actually Tweeted details as the program rolled!!!  I missed it because, well, it’s 60 minutes and the last time they did anything redeemable, Gunsmoke was still being aired. 

But, read the Tweets here.

Here’s a couple ……

60 Minutes ✔ @60Minutes

A CIA quick reaction force & went into the compound, where they repelled 60 terrorists & saved 5 Americans

Of course, they didn’t really mention Hillary, or Zero. …

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