Socialists’ Universal Stubbornness

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In spite of a indications that a 75% income tax on French millionaires may not work to gain revenue for France, and indeed has caused the rich to flee France, president, François Hollande has stubbornly insisted that it will happen. 

Footballers, or, soccer players, as they should be universally called, are not happy.

The only reason I bring this up, other than I like laughing at socialists and France, is that this stubbornness is remarkably similar to the stubbornness our own socialist displays. 

France had hundreds of their millionaires up and move out of country.  No one, as far as I can tell, is particularly fond of the notion, and many realize this tax will result in a loss of revenue for France.  But, Hollande wants the tax and so he bitterly clings to the notion.

Now, observe Barry Zero.  After Oct 1, the American public was exposed…

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