Leftards Object To Repubs Exposing No Right To Privacy With Zerocare!!!

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Dem Rep Frank Pallone, Jr…….

What got Frankie so agitated?

[W]hether you end up enrolling in ObamaCare or not, no one who puts any information into the ObamaCare website can expect to have their privacy protected. Moreover, the fact that you are giving up your right to privacy is hidden in source code that reads,

Unfortunately, Pallone and one of the contractors devolved into an incorrect reading of HIPPA requirements, saying that if no health information is exchanged, then they are in compliance with HIPPA regs.  I don’t believe this is true.  But, it is beyond the point.  What little I’ve done in the Zerocare process has a whole bunch of incredibly personal information I had to give just to get as far as I did.  Breitbart’s Nolte had this to say about his process…..

Just to get yourself an insurance quote on the ObamaCare site, you have been required…

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