LOL!!! More On The Differences Between Conservative Women And Leftarded Womynz!!!

suyts space


Well, not only are physical differences striking, perhaps even more striking are the intelligence differences. 

Consider this piece from HuffPo’s Laura Bassett ……

While the September jobs report released Tuesday was largely disappointing, it contained some good news for women, who saw the largest gain in public sector jobs in over three years.

Women gained 48,000 jobs in the public sector, reversing a trend that has made it harder for them to recover from the recession. It was the largest single-month gain for women since May 2010, according to an analysis by the National Women’s Law Center, and put them far ahead of men, who lost 26,000 public sector jobs in September.

Yea!!!  Women got hired in the public sector in September!!!  At least the source the lady was using was smart enough to know why……

The September uptick for women was according to the National Women’s…

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