David Siorta Defines Stupidity

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From Twitchy …..

Salon contributor David Sirota was taking on one of those climate change deniers when he stumbled on this curious revelation, which makes us wonder: does anyone remember Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore’s field of study? Was it climate science?


Leftards, doing what leftards do best.  Assuming the stupidest things. ……

Does that shut up Sirota?  Not a chance…..


Stupidity = babbling about crap you know nothing about.  The fact is a “climate scientist” is a fictional self title.  Typically, it is some scientist with a degree in something who decides to study the climate.  A geologist can call themselves a climate scientist (Mike Mann) a physicist (Jim Hansen) can call themselves a climate scientist, a chemist can and archeologist can ….. anyone can.  Even insane psychologists have asserted authority in climate concerns.  

But, beyond that, is isn’t that we assume we know more, quite…

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