Sea Levels!!! A Validation of Beenstock et. al.

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A Validation of Beenstock et. al.

In recent science news there was a very interesting study by Beenstock et. al. titled “Tide Gauge Location and the Measurement of Sea Level Rise”[1] where the authors offer evidence that the current Satellite record of Sea Level Rise (SLR) is grossly overestimated. What I find interesting relative to this study is the satellites are calibrated to the GPS buoy and tidal gauge network. You would think they would all agree on SLR. They don’t.

I wanted to apply some of the tools I’ve used in the past to clean up the raw tidal gauge datasets then perform my own reanalysis and compare it to the author’s finding.

The tidal gauge network has experienced quite a number of random data gaps – more so in years before 1950. Thus, segments of some tidal gauge records must be infilled. Tidal gauge records…

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