Mr. Tingle Doesn’t Understand Democracy

suyts space

The lunatics have lost their minds.  Did all leftards take an extra crazy pill the other day?


I’ve already told readers about the “3/5” lunacy.  So, I think I’ll parse his insanity a bit.

[T]hey have this weird ‘we’ they refer to. ‘We the American people.’

I’m not sure if he understands the historical reference and how “We the People” relates to the Tea party.  I’d go into detail about the birth of America, our Declaration of independence and , but, it’s all rather obvious to rational people. 

Why does a group of people that always loses elections or tends to do lately, why do they call themselves ‘the American people’?

As far as I’m aware, the Tea party doesn’t refer to themselves as being exclusively “the American people”.  That’s an invention in the mind of the lunatics.  Always loses elections?  Wasn’t there just the other day large blocks of…

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