More On The Antarctic Ice And Why It’s More Important!

suyts space

This is just another illustrative way to show people the significance of the Southern Hemisphere ice and why in many ways it is much more important than the Northern Hemisphere. 

Look at where the extent is today in the south.


Good heavens!!!!  It’s out there at 55 degrees south!!! 

Now, let’s conceive how that would be, if the extent was like that in the north …….

That would roughly be like having solid sea ice out to where the red circles are. 


Images sans circles here.

And, would have entirely enclosed Iceland.  You’d be able to walk from Scotland to Greenland. 

Consider the implications in terms of albedo, angles of incidence, energy budgets, and death spirals. 

Most proclaimed climatologists aren’t very bright. 

Got grandbabies to go get!  BBS!

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