LOL!!! Schumer "Helping" Mitch With Delusional Babbling! Tea Party Magic Becoming Obvious!

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On Thursday,

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LOL!!!  Ironically, Schumer may be ensuring another Tea party type makes it into the Senate.  McConnell will face a stronger challenge now, more than ever, in his primary.  Having Schumer endorse him won’t help his cause any. 

As to the Tea Party “peaking”, they said that earlier this year, as well.  But, more than that, I don’t see how the Tea party could have peaked when every protest that isn’t associated with leftism is attributed to the Tea party!  Bikers, Truckers, Vets, ……  they’re all Tea partiers, now! 

But, on a serious note, that is what the left doesn’t seem to understand. 

In the truest sense a TEA party person was/is apolitical.  In its origins it was simply a person fed up with the government spending and waste.  They advocated lower taxes through a smaller government.  They were as angry at Bush about the…

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