Ecotards In Canada Turn Violent — Fire Bomb RCMP!!!!

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The lunatic misanthropists ecotards are really becoming unhinged. 

And, of course, the lies come flowing from the violent nutters.

Oct 17 (Reuters) – Police in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick arrested about 40 people on Thursday after efforts to dismantle a highway barricade turned violent and protesters against shale gas exploration set several police vehicles on fire.

The incident came in response to a weeks-long protest by activists and local aboriginals, who blocked a road near the town of Rexton to try to slow work by SWN Resources Canada, a subsidiary of Southwestern Energy Co, which is exploring shale gas properties in the area.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) moved in early on Thursday to break up the blockade. They said officers

Susan Levi-Peters, the former chief of the nearby Elsipogtog aboriginal reserve, said the police had moved in aggressively

Uhmm, someone should inform Mzzzz Peters, that…

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