Boy!!! I Sure Am Glad Dems Held Their Ground!!! We Wouldn’t Have This If They Had Compromised!!!

suyts space



Which, of course, leads to this …….


And, that’s being very optimistic, because of this bit of Pollyanna thinking …..


Let’s see if we can extrapolate from there. ……

Using the tools I have, this is the best Rvalue I can get. 


And, again, that’s awfully optimistic.  I extrapolated from government estimates.  Mind you, this is interest alone. 

You Dems be sure to keep claiming victory as you march right off that cliff the pied pipers are sending you over!   


Update!!!  Scott made a proper critique.  So, I’ll add a better extrapolated graph with a bit better explanation, below. 


Our total debt, of course, is a function of our deficits(top graph).  The more deficits the more total accumulated debt(second graph). 

If you’re not familiar with such and/or if you’re a lefty, you may look at the top graph and say that the deficit is decreasing.  Yet, one…

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