Why Leftards Are Leftards …… Quotable Quote From Daily Beast Journo — "Think Less And Tweet More!!"

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Newsbusters thinks this is scary.  It isn’t scary anymore because this is what leftards do, and this is what feeds their base. 

Eleanor Clift is a leftarded political reporter, television pundit, and author. She is currently a contributing editor for Newsweek magazine and blogger for The Daily Beast. Her column, “Capitol Letter”, is posted each week on the Newsweek and MSNBC websites.

So, she was interviewed the other day on oxymoronically named Reliable Sources of CNN infamy. 

FRANK SESNO, HOST: Well, this is one of the big problems now. You’ve got a race to be first whether you are tweeting or you’re on the air or you’re writing a blog or writing a story. You have got so many demands as a journalist now, Eleanor. You’re at “The Daily Beast.” You’re doing this.

Do you have somebody editing every tweet, every story, every word that you write?


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