LOL, US Diplomacy …… Returning Fake Artifacts!!!

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Is there no one with any competence in this administration?

So, the other day, Zero was looking for another person to bow to, so he called the Iranian president when he was in the US.  And, the State Dept. decided, as a gesture of goodwill, to another despot, we’d give them the ancient artifact pictured above.

The State Department announced in a tweet that the United States returned it this week. U.S. officials handed it off directly to Najafi’s delegation, he said.

“We are taking this as America’s souvenir to the Iranian people,” Najafi told CNN.

He will present it Saturday to the nation after he lands in Tehran. “I believe this will have a very positive affect on the Iranians,” he said.

Notice the spin CNN puts on the story…….  yes, not trivial, and a special place of warmth in Persian culture.  So saith, CNN.  Except ……


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