LOL!!! Kumi Bear’s Stupidity And, Greenpeace Piracy Update!!!

suyts space

Oops!!!  Kumi bear is all pissy again!


What a loon.  Is he so self-delusional that he thinks he can intimidate Russia?

The NoTricksZone has given us an update to the Greenpeace piracy imprisonment.

According to the latest report from Ria Novosti, the The Russians aren’t fooling around and they are playing major league hardball. Obviously some people out in the ‘open and tolerant’ west are having a hard time understanding the situation.

Hat tip: John from Quebec.

Perhaps the threats of life in prison are in response to the combative tones coming from Greenpeace bosses lately. For example Greenpeace’s international executive director,

Apparently, the potential life sentences stem from the lunatics ramming Russia’s coast guard people. 

This all looks pretty harmless, like a game of “bumper cars”, but it isn’t.  Ramming little boats in such waters is life threatening.  The slightest mistake and someone could end up in the…

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