How Bad Is It When Even HuffPo Mocks Government Green Stupidity? Another Government Granted Company Goes Under!

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Well, we all already knew ECOtality was going under.  Like everything else that Obama touches, it turned to a huge pile of excrement.  Again, this isn’t remarkable, because we all already knew this. 

What is remarkable is that HuffPo is now highlighting this massive abuse of the public trust and funds.

One of the biggest electric vehicle charging companies, Arizona-based ECOtality (a Nissan Leaf partner), went bankrupt, stranding about 13,000 commercial and residential stations. We all have a stake in this, because American tax dollars supported these installations through the so-called EV Project.

In the early rounds, only one bidder emerged, an unknown company called Tellus Power, which Consider that the federal grants totaled almost $115 million (of which and you begin to see the issue here. There are clear parallels to what happened to the U.S. investment in Fisker Automotive, of a $529 million loan (the…

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