Phhttt!!! Our Women Got More Than Zero….. You Want To Make People "Feel The Pain"?!?!?! Jo Dee Says Bring It On And Make It Rain!!!!

suyts space

In this life, we expect adversity.  It’s part of life.  It is want builds our character.  It is what builds our strength. 

It is a bit dispiriting when we find that one of the people we claimed as our own was one of the people who decided to be our advisory.  We can easily disagree without working to harm each other. 

However, our president has decided to work towards the detriment of his fellow citizens.  While this may not fall into the legal definition, I consider this a treasonous act.  These are American people he is choosing to inflict harm upon.  People he swore he would do his best for, he’s going out of his way to harm. 

This isn’t a surprise for me.  Nor is it a surprise for many others.  But, it is for many, many people.  That’s okay.  Don’t worry about that idiot in office.  We’ll comfort…

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