New Shocking Budget/Debt Developments!!!! Zero Calls Boehner To Say He’s Still Not Going To Negotiate!!!

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President Obama is digging in his heels amid the drawn-out budget stalemate, calling House Speaker John Boehner merely to “reiterate” that he will not negotiate. 

The phone call comes as the president plans to make a statement from the White House Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET, and take reporters’ questions. Obama appears to be holding fast to a pledge he made to supporters at a rally last week: No talks with Republicans until they vote to pass a spending bill and raise the debt ceiling.

The someone should send Zero a memo and let him know that the democratically House of Representatives, the one the constitution put in charge of the nation’s purse strings, is not suppose to be a rubber stamp group to acquiesce to Zero’s every whim. 

Can Zero at least pretend to be mature? 

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