How Bad Condition Is Cli-Sci When Spiegel Is Critical Of The Latest Climate Report?

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The NoTricksZone alerts us to this latest German revolt against the IPCC.

Online Spiegel as of right now has an unflattering report on the UN IPCC AR5 climate report as its top

This hardly helps the credibility of climate scientists.

The headline article is dubbed: Contradictory Prognoses: Scientists Discover Discrepancies In UN Climate Report, written by Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski.

The bold print introduction:

The UN warns in 2200 pages in its new climate report of a dramatic change in the environment. Renowned scientists now criticize the inconsistencies in the report. They aim 5 accusations at the IPCC.”

Read more at the top link above.

Now, the criticisms aren’t really new.  What is new is the apparent new found resistance to the notion that the IPCC is the final word on our climate.  Over the years, with very few exceptions, the German media has been…

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