A New Site To Check In On ….. TRUTH REVOLT!!!

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I’m not sure how this is going to work, but, I like the fact that someone is moving in this direction.  From Breitbart …..

Basically, it seems to be an effort to counter the lies LSM is telling us with exposure to the lies and who is supporting them.  The first effort is this ……

And, it’s outstanding. 

The leftist media’s attempts to portray themselves as credible journalists in pursuit of the truth are laughably transparent. But the presence of Al Sharpton on the national news scene represents demonstrable proof not just of the unseriousness of the mainstream media, but of their vile race-baiting for ratings.

In any rational world, Sharpton would certainly not have a primetime slot on MSNBC. Sharpton has a long history of inciting racial unrest and division. He’s done it for both the fame and the cash; he has a net worth in the millions. Meanwhile…

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