Zero Has Money To Enhance Training Of Terrorists!!!! Great Argument For Not Increasing The Debt Limit!!!

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Exactly, Harry Reid, we should want our cancer inflicted children to compete for federal money with a bunch of terrorists, that was your argument, right?  Each allocation of federal money is equally important and necessary, right?  Jackass.

I got this from Zerohedge who got this from WaPo 

WaPo reports that “It’s basic infantry training,” the former U.S. intelligence official said. “How to have some discipline hitting a target, how to reload a magazine, how to clear a room. They’re not marching. They’re learning basic infantry procedures.” So let’s get this straight: 800,000 non-essential workers are furloughed, but the CIA, in its infinite wisdom, is now, when the government is shut down, doubling down on spending to make sure Al-Qaeda insurgents have even more lethal training (for that inevitable moment when they turn on their sponsor as they tend to do), and even better weapons?

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