Pop Quiz!!! What Is The Role Of The House Of Representatives?

suyts space


Is it

a)  To hang out and get rich and power drunk from their back room deals?

b)  Just to hang out and give speeches?

c)  To agree with and rubber stamp all that the president wants?

d)  To constantly think of crap to do and pass bills irrespective of the need?

e)  To make sure we keep increasing our debt limit?

f)  To be the caretakers of the people’s purse.  To judiciously and prudently consider laws towards their necessity and constitutionality?  To ensure that our government is being both prudent and frugal with our money and to act as one of the many checks and balances in our government?

I’m noticing that even to idiot Repubs are unaware of what the House should be doing right now.  Personally, I would have gone about it differently.  But, the destination was the same. 

If we don’t start prioritizing our spending, which…

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