More Stupidity And Leftardedness From LSM

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So, I’m making my rounds and I see this!


Holy crap!!!!  I’d better read that!!!   ……  Really HuffPo?  You’re headlining with someone else’ vapidity?  It’s just the NY Times.  It’s just like HuffPo, except they pretend to be unbiased sometimes. 

What they’re doing is conflating two separate issues.  Which while it’s expected to be lost on the average American, it shouldn’t be by a journalist. 

Right now, the government is in a semi-shutdown state.  This is because they don’t have a budget to operate under.  Here in the next couple of weeks, we’ll also need to raise the debt ceiling to continue to spend like the drunken sailors we continue to spend like. 

Boehner saying that he won’t let the US default is like me saying I won’t stop the sun from rising in the east. 

The only way the US defaults is if it is intentionally done. …

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