WaPo Gets It Wrong Again But Not Like Breitbart Thinks

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So Breitbart has an article up about a WaPo article. 

As the title indicates, Breitbart is making a commentary about the hypocrisy of the leftards.  While leftards bemoan vitriolic rhetoric, they engage in the most invective and disturbing rhetoric themselves.  The problem is, this WaPo article was pretty mild in this regard.  Sure, there was a reference to “lining them up and shooting them”, but that was from one of their typical low information readers.  Actually, there was some decent humor in it and it was pretty lighthearted.  Surely Breitbart knows they don’t have to look very hard for real invective and vitriol from leftards. 

Here’s the WaPo article.

What would happen if the burger guy stopped flipping burgers? If the truck driver stopped driving trucks? If the teacher stopped teaching?

That’s right. They’d lose their jobs.

So what should be the fate of our 535 voting members of Congress…

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