Totalitarian Leftards Are So Cute/Sick When They’re Stompy Feet Pissy

suyts space

Good heavens!  They’ve lost their f’n minds!

Was this a competition?  Okay, we’ll start with third place …. so far.  Salon’s Joan Walsh, had good sick leftarded form, but, lacked in originality. 

First, of course, she blames the govt shutdown on the GOP, never mind the fact that the House sent the Senate 3 CR bills to keep the government open and the Senate rejected all three and refused to even open a dialogue with the House.  It’s all Repubs fault, and why? 

Yes, Joan, just like all the other 15 times the government shut down, idiot. 

Can Joan be outdone?  Well, of course.  That haven’t engaged in encouraging depravity, yet, today.  Oh, look!!!  Here’s the second place finishers …. so far.

The House of Representatives were voting to fund our veterans during the govt shut down.  No strings attached, just let the vets have their benefits while the…

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