All "Shut Down" All The Time —- And The Markets Don’t Care!!

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While I take great pleasure in demonstrating that the world still rotates while our government is in kinda sorta shutdown mode, and that the lunatics hyperbole doesn’t equate to reality, I’m already sick of this.  OTOH, this is one of the reasons why this blog exists.  IMHO, far too many blogs fail to understand the interconnections, and have much to much of a micro-focus.  Government, Climate, Economics, Politics, Social Issues, Environment, Gun Control, Energy, all of these things are interconnected and related.  Each event in one being an effect and a cause of one of the other.  And, it is fun to note some things ….

Despite the political wrangling, investors didn’t push the panic button. That suggests that, at least for now, they aren’t anticipating that the stalemate would cause enough disruption in the economy to threaten a gradual U.S. recovery and a four-year bull run in the stock…

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