We Used To Call Them "People With Inadequate Personalities"

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Good Heavens!!!  At what level of inadequacy to you have to fall to to pen such an article?

The Blaze does a decent job of parsing some of her madness.  There is some humor in this idiocy, but, for the most part it’s a sad tale of stupidity and self-loathing.  Worse, she assumes all of us would be similar. 

Apparently, she had a rough upbringing.  The gist of the article is, because she had a rough upbringing and because she was born into poverty, that it would have been better for her mother that she should have been aborted.  Here’s the funny part!

An abortion would have absolutely been better for my mother. An abortion would have made it more likely that she would finish high school and get a college education. At college in the late 1960s, it seems likely she would have that would have helped her…

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