Leftard Apocalypse To Happen At Midnight!!! Countdown To The End Of The World!!!

suyts space


The doomsday of all doomsdays!!!  A leftards worse nightmare could happen at midnight tonight!!!  The US Federal government might shut down!!! 

It is anticipated that leading up to this horrific event that there will be wailing and crying and gnashing of the teeth! 

If nothing happens going into the evening, I’m planning to have a countdown, of sorts, to this apocalyptical event!  Join me then as we watch the world of the leftards melt into oblivion.   Maybe we can come up with a “top 100” things the government will no longer be able to do to us.  For instance, maybe we can quite arming terrorists for a couple of day!!!  Maybe the IRS can quit harassing groups wishing to teach the US Constitution, and cool things like that! 

Take us there R.E.M.!!!!

Maybe later, for the leftards, we’ll get Skeeter Davis to tell us about the end of the world…

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