Reagan Right, Rubin Wrong

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Reagan Right, Rubin Wrong

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I remember when America had a president who loved the country so much he kissed the flag, instead of the President we have now who bows to Arabs. Mark Levin posted an article yesterday by Jennifer Rubin criticizing Reagan and modern Reagan conservatives. For those of you unfamiliar with Jennifer Rubin, she is one of those Potemkin journalists who pretends to be conservative and then constantly criticizes conservatism.

To paraphrase Reagan, Jennifer, the trouble with you is not that you are ignorant. It’s just that you know so much that isn’t so. Unfortunately the GOP appears to have gotten over Reagan many moons ago but the true conservative who understands him will never get over Ronald Reagan. You see, Reagan isn’t “mythical” as Rubin puts it, he is “legendary” and there is a difference. The name of that difference is Truth.

I was still rather young…

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