Because They Can’t Engage — Smear Skeptics New Propaganda Piece Out By Greenpeace!!! Same As The Old Propaganda!!!

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Oh, what fun!  We’re back to recycling old smear tactics against skeptics. 

Greenpeace has a ….. well, I don’t know what it is.  Just a bunch of old recycled smears.  Which is fine.  Most are from the self-delusion that most skeptic voices are funded by the sinister “BIG OIL“!!!  And, they attack some personalities in the skeptic community.  You don’t me to list them, you know them by heart. 

It’s a collection of history revisionism, smears, and irrelevant factoids.  If I wasn’t so tired I’d just go line by line destroying most of them, but, I don’t really have to because it’s all been done already.  Well, they do add some things I wasn’t familiar with, like in their “Part 2: Denier Tricks and Tactics” apparently, the ever tricky Sallie Baliunas, Willie Soon, David Legates and Tim Ball tricked the world by publishing a viewpoint in…

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