Say It Isn’t So!!! Gender Studies Masters Candidate Can’t Find A Job? What!?!?!?! And, Suyts Gives Her A Job Idea!

suyts space

Hilarity ensued Monday after @Andria_XX complained that social-media criticism of Miley Cyrus included “bodyshaming/slutshaming” and “heteropatriarchal crap.” Readers will recall that Andria has an “Honors BA in Social Justice and Peace Studies” and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender Studies. So . . . how’s that going?


How awful.  You’d think studying gender or something would qualify you to do something.  What precisely, no one is particularly sure of .

I don’t know, but, maybe if women such as Andria actually studied something useful, Femen can hire them to make sure they don’t fall for anymore patriarchal trickery!  I mean, just look at how many hotties fell for the trick to get them to take their shirts off and show the world their boobs


That’s right!  Turns out all of that Femen parading around topless was just a guy’s trick to see a bunch of half naked ladies! 

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