Constitutional Law Professor Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Republic And Democracy

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Sigh, Zero, you’re such a dumbass. 

So Zero has realized he’s not emperor of the world.  So he’s turning to congress for approval to use force in Syria.  In his speech he states ……

“I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets,” the president said. He added: “I’m also mindful that I’m president of .”

Where did you Dems get this clown?

In a true democracy, he’d be asking the people of the US for permission.  In a true democracy, the people would elect the president.  But, we don’t live in a democracy.  We have a instead.  We democratically elect our representatives, in turn, rule the people. 

The president’s role is to execute the laws of the land passed by congress, within the constraints of constitutional authority.  Yes, he’s commander-in-chief, but, he’s constrained in the use of the military.  US interests must be…

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