No, It Isn’t True, But, Look What That Idiot Did!!!!!

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That’s from the Sun

But, how bad is that?  What depths have we all succumbed to?  It’s horrible!  How bad is it that Cameron a globalist, and Obama another globalist find a way in which we’re divided? 

It is that the overwhelming majority of the people of both nations don’t wish to go forward on this stupid notion about attacking Syria. 

How disgraceful is this?  Sure, Cameron did what was requisite.  His political existence depends on it.  For Zero, he’ll hang out for a bit, regardless.  But, look at what they did!!!  Look at what Zero did!!!  Or, is trying to do. 

The fact of the matter is, is that most people in the US are counting down to the time where we’re not burdened with this jackass.  Most Americans are ashamed and embarrassed by this idiot running amok! 

Our bonds will remain beyond this horrible presidency.  I’m just…

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