Heh! Alarmist Vs Alarmist! Welcome To The World Of Skeptics, Richard

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Heh, funny!  Richard Tol has latched on to team Cook’s idiotic consensus paper.  Tol objected to the characterization team Cook had of several peer reviewed papers in their assessments of various papers.  This has resulted in some funny back and forth. 

Personally, I don’t waste much time on Cook.  Nor, their idiotic consensus/not really consensus paper.  They found no such consensus, and only after eliminating a huge portion of the papers they looked at, did they finally arrive at the numbers they wanted.  Just like most other climate papers. 

Tol found many things along his recent journey to expose team Cook as a bunch of frauds.  But, if he’d open his eyes just a bit more, he’d find some other things, as well.  Here’s something, written by Dr. Tol

Mr Cook has released more data. Unfortunately, a lot of data is still missing. Particularly, rater IDs and time stamps…

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