Is Scott Mandia The Dumbest Alarmist? And Congrats To Anthony!

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Well, congrats to Anthony!  He was quoted in a rather rare climate article by Fox news!

The article is about NOAA closing about 600 weather stations which were poorly sited for temperature recordings.  People may recall, this has been an years-in-the-making ongoing effort by Anthony and others. 

Anthony brought up the subject of the Urban Heat Island effect.  Briefly, what this is …. is the known effect urban areas have on temperatures.  As we planted thermometers, people grew up around them and artificially raised the temps.  This has nothing to do with atmospheric CO2 or any other green house gas.  The story tells Anthony’s story …..

Watts says it does, and that if one looks only at which includes readings from all stations, including those with potential problems, which it tries to adjust for statistically.

Now, I’ll pause here and state, there is no such thing as a “pristine…

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