Google Hacked the ‘Skeptical Science’ Website

Watts Up With That?

Worst damage control ever?

Guest essay by Brandon Schollenberger

Despite my joking comments about having mad haxor skillz being a source of amusement for many people, it appears some people actually believe I hacked the Skeptical Science forum’s website. Rob Honeycutt, a key team member at Skeptical Science, has referred to my actions, saying thingslike:

“Back door” was used by me as a metaphor. Hack = “To break into comp sys with malicious intent.” An easy hack is still a hack.

when did theft become legal?

When Shub Niggurath expressed his disbelief at my actions being called hacking, Honeycutt explicitly said it washacking:

Yes, accessing involved effort and some determination to filter thru 1000’s of images 2 locate 1s that cld be taken out context.

Clearly, Rob Honeycutt claims my “effort” to find this directory was hacking. The problem for Honeycutt is Google used the exact…

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