Because Snowden And Canceled Putin Meeting — Gay Russian Olympians! And, Bonus Answers On AQ!!!!

suyts space


Zero flying without the TOTUS, again!!!

I think by now, we all know why Zero doesn’t give many press conferences.  He’s simply too stupid to navigate without a script in front of him. 

Obama, was asked a question about Edward Snowden’s temporary asylum in Russia, the cancelled summit with Putin and the general failure to get along diplomatically with Russia.

So, …… Russian gay legislation and the Olympics!!! 

You can see his response to no one in particular here.

But, he really got going in his response to a question about the true strength of al Qaeda!

Jonathan Karl of ABC news asked this…..

Mr. President, you have said that core al Qaeda has been decimated, that its leaders are on the run. Now that we’ve seen this terror threat that has resulted in embassies closed throughout the Arab world, much of Africa, do you still believe that al…

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