LastFirst Lunatics Discover Ice Free Arctic Not Really Ice Free!!

“The desire to be used as a propaganda tool is outweighing their senses. “

suyts space



From their last post…..

The planned crossings and the To avoid this we have had to stay much closer to the shore and skirt around the bays like one would in a smaller craft. The difficulty with this is that the ocean rowing boat is much more susceptible to wind. So the . This is absolutely not an option as the boat would be destroyed and we would be in serious danger.  ……  That is why ,…..

You see, I believe the problem was that they believed the lunatics hype about an ice free or nearly ice free Arctic. 

If you read the post, you’ll also see some troublesome bravado.  The wind and sea and ice up there is unpredictable.  Yes, they came through some very dangerous situations.  But, after a couple of more weeks, what is the fatigue condition they’ll be in?  And, even if they are…

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